About us

About our company

Our registered office is situated in Vrakúň, a town in Southwestern Slovakia. A substantial part of our services is rendered online, but we are also flexible in arranging a personal meeting. We guarantee the quality of our services. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technical solutions to provide our clients with innovative, flexible services delivering the highest standards of quality.

Our services

One of the main activities of our company is to provide complex services to the business sector. You can rely on us if you need to incorporate a business, change its registered details, accounting in the single-entry or the double-entry system, payroll accounting and HR services, translations and/or getting things done with various government authorities.

For individuals

For non-entrepreneur individuals we offer mainly our translation services, preparing tax returns and professional help in getting things done with government authorities.

For NGOs

We are at the disposal of non-governmental organizations if the need arises to get an NGO incorporated, to change or amend its constitution or bylaws, to do the bookkeeping, payroll accounting and HR tasks, translations and/or getting things done with various government authorities.

Our company has great respect for …

…those who work for it and also for our external stakeholders.

We strive to be an employer interested in increasing the welfare and developing the skills of our employees. We also do our utmost to be a reliable and predictable business partner and a company that respects the law and social norms.