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Tamás Méri MITI, sworn translator

About us

We think it is important that we:

We are a small family translation company providing professional, technical, certified and sworn translations and certain related services. A provider of translation services since 2014.

Our authorized representative meets the requirements for translators as per the standard ISO 17100:2015. He is a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting authorized to certify translation since 2022 and a sworn translator registered with the Slovak Republic Ministry of Justice since 2018.

We think it is important that we:

  • ensure data security and the confidentiality of client information
  • meet the agreed deadlines
  • provide our clients with translations in a quality appropriate for intended use
Our services

What services can we provide you with?

Translations in combinations of English, Hungarian and Slovak:

  • Slovakian sworn translations
  • translations certified by a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • translations certified by our translation company
  • simple, non-certified translation
  • we process audio-visual materials
  • rendering the completed document in a suitable format
  • localization and adaptation of a text for a different (cultural, legal etc.) environment
  • text editing as instructed by the clientOur regular clients are also provided with flexible and handling and rush jobs. Receipt and handing over of documents subject to agreement.

We mainly offer our own services and only exceptionally at as intermediaries.

What are our fields of expertise?

We have the most experience in translating legal, financial and accounting texts and official documents.

We also have some experience in the following fields: construction, public procurement, healthcare, education, scientific texts, management, public administration and politics.

A number of further fields can be found in the professional CV of our authorized representative:
(available here)


Through communication, parcel delivery and postal services, our services are also available to our clients for use from their home or office.

Please contact us using one of the contact details provided.

To supply a quote for a particular job, we always ask for the whole text to be translated and information about

  • the purpose the translation is for
  • the type of translation (sworn translation, certified translation etc.)
  • the format the translation is needed in

Our clients who are not judicial authorities may be interested in our following experiences (the list is not exhaustive):

  • memoranda and articles of association, constitutions and the like
  • certificates of incorporation, vehicle registration certificates
  • financial statements
  • tax forms and official guides to complete them
  • secondary school leaving exam certificates, GCSEs, etc., university degrees and supplements, other qualification certificates
  • scientific articles and parts thereof
  • business, trade, employment and other contracts, general terms and conditions,
  • certificates of construction products,
  • official and court documents, cards, licences,criminal records certificates
  • summary of product characteristics and package leaflet of a human medicinal product

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